How To Cancel Yelp Ads

How To Cancel Yelp Ads

How To Cancel Yelp Ads

Yelp ads help businesses target their customers in a highly targeted manner. This is especially important for local businesses, who would want to reach out to the same people they know visit their business every day. However, when you run into problems or are unhappy with Yelp Ads, it is easy to cancel your campaign.

1. How Far Yelp Ads Affect Your Business

To be fair, you’d need to be presented with how Yelp Ads can advantage you and disadvantage you. You better consider both sides before deciding to continue or stop the business ad program in Yelp.

Advantage of Yelp Ads

Improve Visibility in The Platform: Your business can be more visible with ads empowering your page and/or specific products in Yelp. It means that visitors can find your business more easily when they’re looking for a niche in Yelp.

Budget Can be Set: Yelp ads actually offer some flexibility about how you can apply the ads for your business and products. They include setting up your budget, optimization on particular products, ad pause, and so forth.

Potentially Drive More Leads

As one of your marketing channels, you can take advantage of Yelp ads to drive business leads coming from the platform. We have to admit that ads within the platform can attract and engage visitors.  It’s a considerable tool if you want to optimize business presence and exposure, particularly in Yelp.

More Reviews

You can potentially have more reviews from visitors who consistently search for a business niche in Yelps. Engaged visitors tend to provide reviews and they even update their feedback after purchasing goods or services from particular businesses in Yelp. However, you can’t control whether they’d give you a positive or negative review.

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Disadvantage: Costly Marketing Expense

Depending on your marketing budget,  Yelp ads are a considerably expensive solution to make your business more visible and gain more leads. It’s because the algorithm of Yelp ads is quite exclusive and allows you to increase visibility primarily on the platform. It could be a costly marketing expense to allocate a major budget to this platform’s ad program.

Less Flexible

When it comes to term-based contracts of Yelp ads, business owners would have very less flexibility on their side for obvious reasons. You can flexibly end the contract from your side before the expiration date.  If you insist on canceling it, there would be cancellation fees you should pay for ending the contract. Even though the ad deployment is configurable, it’s still financially favorable for your dynamic business strategies.

Consumer Skepticism

Yelp’s visitors are mostly smart buyers who are also powerful critics. With massive Yelp ads over your business, it can potentially drive skepticism. Smart consumers might see the ads as an exaggerated campaign over poor products or services. You might be accused to cover your bad reviews with a robust marketing campaign. Even though it’s not a certainty but it’s still a possibility considering how effective Yelp reviews can drive purchasing decisions.

No Tracking Tool

Unlike other ad programs, Yelp ads lack a tracking tool so you barely know whether or not the leads are actually coming from these ads. At this point, you can’t monitor the performance, make adjustments, and take relevant actions to improve things. These could be annoying and frustrating especially if you have to fully pay for the ads.

Carrot and Stick

Yelp ads work like the carrot and stick concept. Instead of providing a “control panel” and leverages, you’d be forced to pay for upgrades and more features to improve the ads. You even need to pay more for the call to action to be added to the ads.  Yelp ads are undoubtedly the most expensive ad program for local businesses out there. Purchase Yelp Reviews.

2. Why You Need to Stop Yelp Ads

It’s no secret that stopping Yelp ads could be tricky for sure. As for businesses on the platform, there’s a hesitation whether or not they should cancel it. There are actually some reasons why you need to cancel Yelp ads for your business. If you find these reasons matched with your current conditions, you better take immediate moves on it.

Expensive and Fluctuate Cost-per-click

Even though it’s not entirely bad, yelp ads adopt cost-per-click that could be expensive in the long term. If you don’t have a specific strategy and/or gain measurable benefits from the ads, it shouldn’t be an inevitable expenditure, right? The cost-per-click ads are also fluctuating so it’s more tricky to do a based-on-budget campaign with them. If these conditions aren’t favorable for your business, then it’s just reasonable to cancel them.

Marketing Budget Saving

With the ad cancellation in Yelp, you can certainly save your marketing budget and allocate it to more productive channels. It’s just a basic business practice where you should embrace efficiency instead of an advertising gimmick that is hard to measure and fix.  

Reviews Are More Powerful

The ultimate reason why you should cancel the ad programs is that the reviews themselves are more powerful in Yelp. Yes, visitors would eventually check your business reviews and make purchasing decisions from there. That’s also said that if you need to allocate your marketing budget somewhere, Yelp reviews are where you should go. In other words, you better work on your business Yelp reviews.

Dishonest Lead Report

Despite the untraceable leads, Yelp indeed gives you a lead report but we can describe it as dishonesty. How can you consider phone calls, site clicks, map views, uploaded photos, and bookmarks as leads? That’s how exactly Yelp ads work. If you see your Yelp ads progress and see high levels of leads, there might be hundreds of phone calls or clicks to your website. If you’ve been running the business for a while, you’d certainly know that they’re not leads.

Not Transparent Program

When it comes to ads, it’s already common for business owners to target particular keywords. Unfortunately, there’s no transparency and you don’t have control over the targeted keywords that can lead to irrelevant clicks. Since they cost per click, imagine how much money you’d spend for getting what you didn’t target in the first place. If you use Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, you have full control over targeting keywords and audiences

3. How To Cancel Yelp Ads

At the normal stage, there are chances you can cancel Yelp ads referring to so-called Business Advertising programs. Things would be smoother if you’re not in a term-based Yelp Business ad program. You can take these steps:

  1. Log in to your Business Yelp account
  2. Navigate to the Billing tab
  3. Under “your Product”, find and click “Manage”
  4. Find the corresponding products subject to the cancellation
  5. Besides the product, there’s a “Cancel” button that you can click to confirm
  6. Just follow the rest of the procedure to complete and submit your cancellation
  7. After completion, the ad for the corresponding product has been canceled.

Canceling Yelp for Business Subscriptions

If you’re subscribed to a contract of Yelp for business, the cancellation is a little bit tricky and could be costly. What you can actually do is pause the subscription as you’ve found the “Pause” option on the service you want to cancel. Consequently, you’d need to determine the suspension period as well as the time you’d need to continue the ad program.

If you really want to terminate your Yelp for the Business contract before the expiration, there would be a termination fee that you need to pay in the early stage. The exact amount would depend on the program linked to your business and products. Generally speaking, you’re likely to pay a one-month charge for the termination fees. If the contract is still long, that fee amount is still reasonable. 

4. Growing Your Yelp Business Page without Yelp Ads

While it’s true that 90% of consumers weigh Yelp reviews into their purchasing decisions, the ad program itself isn’t the ultimate way to grow your business. You can achieve success without Yelp ads and do more effective strategies to improve business growth exponentially.

Working on The Reviews

As most consumers would refer to the reviews rather than the advertisement, then it’s a clear sign to work on your reviews. Even if you’re using Yelp ads, you’d still need to manage the reviews on the platform. No matter where the consumers find your business, whether it’s from the ads or search engine, they’d always still be working on the reviews.

Diversify  Marketing Channels

If not Yelp ads, then what? You must have known that there are tons of marketing channels out there. Yelp ads are only one channel that’s driven by its inner algorithm which is not always favorable for your business. Social media, Google business accounts, or other business review sites are just remarkable marketing channels. What you need to do is to diversify the marketing channels for your business.

Local SEO

Assuming that you’re running a local business,  you should work on your local SEO instead of extending the Yelp ads. While indeed local businesses can take advantage of Yelp reviews but that’s not the only channel because the platform has its own algorithm.  At this point, you must see Yelp as one of your local SEO campaigns, not the only one. Apply more comprehensive local SEO practices that involve several marketing channels.

Faq’s: 1. How do I turn off ads on Yelp?

You can follow these steps to turn off ads on advertised products

  • On Yelp for Business, visit your Billing Page
  • Click Manage below “Your Products”
  • In the next of the advertised product, click “Cancel”
  • Follow the cancellation procedure until completed
  • Ensure the successful cancellation by refreshing your page

These steps are doable if you don’t have a term-based contract with Yelp for business ads.

2. Can I pause my Yelp account? 

While you can’t pause your Yelp account, you can either entirely delete your account or pause the ads program. Assuming you have a will to resume using the account later, you simply pause the ad campaign.

  • Enter Yelp Ads on your account
  • Select “End Campaign”
  • On the Clicks Advertiser product, select the trash can icon
  • Continue by missing out on any promo
  • Complete the survey why you need to cancel ads
  • Choose the proper cancellation reasons
  • Select pause your ad option
  • Determine the resume date
  • Proceed with Pause and confirm Redeem offer whenever available

If your Yelp pause request has been accepted, you’d receive a confirmation email. At this point, the ads on the corresponding product have been suspended and will continue on the determined date.

3. How much is an ad on Yelp?

You’d be charged cost-per-click(CPC) for Yelp ads. The exact amount you’d have to pay for Yelp CPC ads is somewhere between $0.3 to more than $40 per click. That would depend on how competitive your niche is in Yelp. You can basically set the ad budget you want to spend on Yelp ads per month. Check out This Page, How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Yelp Review?


You can definitely cancel Yelp ads including stop, pause, and totally terminate the contract. You can stop the ads for particular products you’ve advertised on Yelp. There are many reasons why you better turn off or even cancel Yelp ads from the costly program to transparency issues. Generally speaking, Yelp ads aren’t worth the money for the performance and services they can provide to improve your business growth. If you really want to stop at the early stage, it’s still worth it to pay for the termination fees.

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