How To Change Name On Yelp

How To Change Name On Yelp

How To Change Name On Yelp

If you’ve been wondering how to change your name on Yelp, then this article is for you. In fact, changing your name on Yelp has become more and more common in recent years. It’s just a question of whether it’s a good idea or not.

When you have a business that’s been around for some time, it can be tempting to just keep the name of your company the same. However, sometimes it makes sense to change your business name. Here are some tips on how to do this easily.

Method 1 of 2:On Desktop

The basic way to change your name on Yelp is through the website via browser. Once you’ve entered Yelp with your browser and logged in to your account, you can simply follow these steps:  

Step 1: Locate and click on your profile picture on the Yelp home page

Step 2: In the Pop-up menu, you need to click on the Account Settings

Step 3: Locate and click the Profile link on the Yelp Account Settings page

Step 4: You’d be directed to the profile page where you can change your first name, last name, and nickname.

Step 5: You can straightforwardly change the nickname and save changes

Step 6:  If you need to change your first and/or last name, you need to click the “change my real name option” to confirm the action. Save the change after confirmation.

Method 2 of 2:On Mobile

You can also change your name through the Yelp mobile app if you’re a business owner. It’s a more convenient way if you’ve been using an app to access your account for a while. You can follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open the Yelp app on your iPhone or Android devices

Step 2: Tap the sidebar menu on the Android app or “More” on the iPhone app

Step 3: Select the “Account Information” menu

Step 4: Locate the name field and make necessary changes there

Step 5: Be sure to “Save” your name changes

How to change your Yelp Account name?

When you want to change your Yelp name, you’d need to consider whether you’re a consumer, business owner, or a Yelp business owner. It’s because there are some differences in the method and things to consider for each status.  

The name-changing procedure is actually accessible through the Yelp official website via your browser. Business owners or Yelp Elite members may also make name changes via mobile app.

Step 1: Navigate to your profile page by clicking your profile picture on the up-right of your screen. Once the drop-down menu has been expanded, select “Account Settings” and you’d be directed to your account page.

Step 2: On the left menu bar, select “Profile”  and you’d be presented with three name fields including First Name, Last Name, and an optional Nickname. You can make changes to these fields depending on your requirements. When done, don’t forget to tap “Save Changes”.  

How To Change Name On Yelp

For Elite Yelpers

If you’re an Elite Yelper, the name-changing procedure is actually the same and you can follow the same steps. However, Elite members need to be more considerate when they want to change their names.

An Elite Yelper has a respective status in the platform especially in the eyes of the Yelp Elite Squad council and the companies or business owners. Changing your name may affect your elite status, depending on the reasons behind the request. You can even lose it if the Council considers your name changes as a confusing action or an attempt to deceive people with a fake identity. Both council and business owners prefer real names for Elite Yelper.

For Yelp Business Owners

As for Yelp business owners, name changes can be done via the business owner’s website or mobile app. The use of the app makes the name change procedure more practical but you can choose either way with no problems.

Step 1: Open the Yelp website and navigate to Account Settings

Step 2: Next to the “Business Account Information”, select “Edit”

Step 3: Edit your name and make the necessary change

Step 4: When done, click “Save” to preserve your change.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Changing Names in Yelp

While changing names is doable in Yelp, it turns out the step should be considered before taking. There are actually advantages and disadvantages of changing names in Yelp for good reasons.  You better consider the good and the bad before actually changing your name on Yelp.


Improve Visibility

Changing nicknames can make your account stand out especially if you’re a consistent Yelp consumer and reviewer.

Make Adjustments

 Since Yelp allows you to change names, you can make adjustments that are really necessary. For example, you have to change your name due to divorce, adoption, citizenship, or other inevitable reasons.

A Brand New Start

If you’re changing your business name due to the shift of management or ownership, it would be great. You can have a new start without losing the existing following base in Yelp while bettering your products and services.


Potentially Losing Customer Base

If you have an existing customer base, you can potentially create confusion among them by changing your business name. Some of them might get confused about whether the business still actually exists. The others might make their own conclusions and leave your business for not having the same experience. At this very perspective,  the business name change must be based on good reasons or it would be counter-productive.

Losing Elite Badges

As previously mentioned, if you don’t have strong reasons to change your name, you can potentially lose your Elite badge. Business owners and the Yelp Elite Squad council prefer Elite Yelper to use their real name. However, if the name change request is based on the real name change, there would be no problem.

A Lot of Efforts and High Cost

Changing your business name could be costly and take a lot of effort. While it only takes several minutes to change your business name in Yelp, there would be legal and administrative work you should complete afterward.  You’d need to change documents, business checking accounts, and other existing contracts that could be a tedious task. Business owners would have to notify and report to the Social Security Administration.


Changing names in Yelp can be easily done via browser or mobile app through Account settings. While it only takes seconds, changing names in Yelp might come with consequences. If you’re a business owner, you can potentially lose your existing customer base. You can potentially lose an Elite Yelper badge if the reason for changing your name is illegitimate. At this point, name changing should be based on strong reasons only. 

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