How To Get Rid Of YouTube Shorts

How To Get Rid Of YouTube Shorts

How To Get Rid Of YouTube Shorts

YouTube is by far the most-used platform for watching short videos. But are you aware of the hidden danger lurking behind those short videos? As if your brain wasn’t already overloaded with information and distractions. Yes, that’s right—the internet has been riddled with rumors that YouTube shorts are harmful, and they aren’t all false claims. There’s some truth in them, after all.

So if you’re wondering how to get rid of YouTube shorts or whether there’s any way to do it, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a detailed guide on how to disable YouTube short videos and why should you do so.

How To Get Rid Of YouTube Shorts

What Are YouTube Shorts?

– YouTube Shorts are videos that can be found on the popular video-sharing platform.

They’re vertical videos with a duration of one minute and a title containing the term “#shorts.

These videos can be created using just a smartphone, and they feature creative features like adding captions and music from the YouTube catalog.

– To find out if your video qualifies as a YouTube Shorts, check out the guidelines outlined on the YouTube Creators platform. Once you’ve created your video, you can earn revenue by promoting it on other platforms and earning advertising revenue through partnerships with advertisers.

– However, it’s important to note that the revenue received from creating YouTube shorts is not substantial compared to that of traditional media.

Types of YouTube shorts

– YouTube Shorts is a mobile short-form vertical video format, that allows users to shoot, edit, and share videos of up to 60 seconds. For brands looking to create content in this format, there are features such as multiple video uploads and captions that make it an efficient platform for creating videos.

– This format can be used for e-commerce brands, with features such as multiple video uploads and captions making it an efficient platform for creating videos.

– Using YouTube Shorts for workout shorts allows users to create PDF sewing patterns and videos available for download. This is a cost-effective way of creating shorts that people can relate to.

– In addition, using YouTube Shorts to create real estate video scripts can help marketers reach a larger audience through creative yet effective marketing efforts.

With these various options available, the format has become highly popular among consumers and advertisers alike.

Why are YouTube shorts harmful?

Why are YouTube shorts harmful

Harmful YouTube shorts waste users’ time and can lead to addiction, as cited by the U.S.

Department of Health and Human Services.

These videos can be distracting and make users “stupid,” according to Psychology Today.

This is because they don’t give viewers enough time to consider the information or absorb it fully.

They may also prevent users from focusing on important tasks, as reported by CNN.

In addition, YouTube shorts may make other applications, such as TikTok, less competitive as they are favored by certain governments, noted the BBC.

Finally, harmful short videos may be potentially harmful to users’ mental health, as highlighted by the OSCAS. Users need to avoid these videos when possible and instead focus on meaningful content on platforms like YouTube and TikTok that provide a high-quality experience and valuable educational or entertaining value.

4 Ways to Disable YouTube Shorts

If you don’t want to see YouTube shorts in your feed, there are several ways to disable them. The first option is to enable Restricted Mode on your account. This will block age-gating content, such as adult and violent videos, from appearing in your search results or on your screen.

Another way is to unblock a channel of your choice. If you change your mind about watching a certain video, go to that video’s page on the app and click ‘Unblock’. This will allow you to watch the video without ads. If you still want to get rid of videos with shorts, you can use a browser extension like ‘uBlock Origin’. This will block the scroll-down button at the bottom of each short, making it impossible for users to see them.

1. Adjust Your YouTube Settings

Adjust Your YouTube Settings

If you find that YouTube Shorts are consuming too much of your bandwidth and are not useful, you can easily disable them from the YouTube app.

To do so, open the app and tap on the menu icon located at the bottom. From here, select “Settings.

In the settings menu, clear the cache and force stop to stop playing videos from the YouTube shorts queue.

To view the YouTube shorts queue, open the app and tap on the video icon at the bottom-left corner. From here, select “Shorts” to view all videos in the queue. You can also access this feature by opening YouTube from your home screen and tapping on “All.”

To get rid of YouTube shorts on an iPhone, you can go to the Settings menu and then select ‘Disable YouTube Shorts.’ This will ensure that no videos from the shorts queue are playing on your device. Lastly, you can also check your privacy settings to ensure that no videos from YouTube shorts are appearing on your feed or in search results.

2: Make Shorts “Not Interested”

On the YouTube Shorts platform, creators can create, edit, and share content shorter than one minute. This platform enables them to create compelling and engaging shorts in a variety of different genres, including comedy, drama, and animation. This has proven to be a popular format for many content creators on the platform.

With 1.5 billion monthly active users globally, there is no doubt that Shorts is a popular format on YouTube. But before you jump in and start creating shorts, it’s important to understand why it’s such a popular option. Firstly, Shorts provide an efficient way to produce high-quality content quickly and easily.

With just a few minutes to create something unique and exciting, shorts offer an easy way for creators to express their ideas and creativity in short form. Additionally, people are drawn towards shorts because they are short enough to watch multiple times without getting too bored or tired.

Additionally, creating shorts on the platform provides many creative features such as multiple videos, captions, and music from YouTube’s catalog. These features help creators add extra elements to their videos that help make them more engaging and memorable. Overall, there are many benefits of creating shorts on the platform, so it’s worth exploring the format if you’re interested in trying out creative video content online.

How To Get Rid Of YouTube Shorts3: Downgrade the YouTube APP Version

To downgrade the YouTube app version, first, visit “Apps” on your device’s settings menu. Select “YouTube,” and then tap the “Clear Cache” option. This will force the app to reload all of its content from the internet, which can take some time. Once the app has refreshed, select the “Force Stop” option.

Then, open YouTube again from the home screen, and log in to access the content. Finally, download and save the video to a shared Dropbox folder. Team members with appropriate permissions can review this content via a computer file share app such as Dropbox. This also allows you to shift content between mobile and desktop devices if needed.

By using this method, you can ensure that your team has access to high-quality videos without relying on outdated software or hardware.

4. Why are YouTube shorts harmful?Why are YouTube shorts harmful

If you are looking for a way to get rid of YouTube Shorts and other intrusive ads on the internet, then it is best that you use YouTube Vanced.

This was formerly possible with the application and it still works fine. However, it has been discontinued due to legal threats from Google.

There are many great alternatives online that work just as well and they haven’t had time to reach creators yet.

If you would like to remove ads from your favorite video sites, you should try using a program that is convenient for you, and blocking ads on YouTube shorts can be one of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a plugin or application that helps me get rid of YouTube shorts?

There is no standalone plugin or application that helps remove YouTube shorts from your YouTube account. However, there are better solutions which were advised by a friend of mine. These include:

-Using a program such as YouTube Vanced which was discontinued by Google because of legal threats.

-Blocking ads on YouTube shorts can be done with an external application or plugin.

NewPipe [102] is a Chrome extension that was created to help users get rid of annoying videos and clips on the web. It also includes filters, music, effects, and variable playback speeds, which makes it more versatile than YouTube’s own Shorts editor.

Unhook browser extension has an option for blocking YouTube shorts on the app. Simply go to the extension’s settings page, choose “YouTube” in the “Filter types” list, and then enter ” shorts ” in the “Type of content to block” field.

Lastly, UBlock origin has a string of text that can be used to block YouTube shorts on the app. Simply enter ” youtube-shorts/ ” in the “Custom Filters” field when you’re creating your UBlock account.


YouTube videos are fun to watch, but they can also be a source of irritation and distraction. If you find yourself watching videos or skipping ahead in your browser to the next one, it might be time to cut back. You can also minimize how long you spend on YouTube by restricting how much time you spend on it each day and setting limits on how much time you spend on individual websites.

Some apps let you block access to specific websites for some time, such as Foneso+, which lets you set passwords for individual websites to block access from your phone. It’s up to you to decide what works best for your personal needs.

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