How To See Hidden Information On Facebook Marketplace

How To See Hidden Information On Facebook Marketplace

How To See Hidden Information On Facebook Marketplace

Have you ever wondered how to see hidden information on the Facebook marketplace? What if we told you that there is a way to see hidden information on the Facebook marketplace and this post will teach you how to do it.

Why You Need To See Hidden Information on Facebook Marketplace

While it’s hidden, why do you still need to see that information?  Facebook Marketplace is undoubtedly the ultimate social media marketplace that ever existed. With business in mind, you’re actually seeing the hidden information for strong reasons.  From confirming the legitimacy of the business to getting the best deal on the listing, it’s insightful to see the information.

Confirm Legitimacy of A Business

If you can view the phone, address, email address, and other information, you can confirm the legitimacy of a business. It’s pretty easy to check the actual existence of a company by confirming their physical address or by making a test call.  Legit companies won’t hesitate to display this information even though it’s hidden in the Facebook marketplace

Get Further Information about A Company/Product

Despite its existence, you can extend your research to get more information about the company or product. As for business relationships, you’d need to ensure that the seller or supplier can actually provide what you need now and in the future. 

Check The Product in Person

If you’re able to see the physical address of a business, you can actually make a visit to their store, office, factory, or warehouse. It’s very important when you’re about to buy and resell products that you need to check in person. You can also see the scale of the business and take a conclusion about whether they’re a suitable business partner.

How To See The Hidden Information on Facebook Marketplace

When you’re using Facebook Marketplace, there is actually some hidden information but you might hardly recognize them because they’re simply invisible. Basically, the web version of the Facebook marketplace is designed to prevent users from making direct calls. However, you can actually see the hidden information on the mobile version without any special button or tab. Whether you’re an individual customer or a B2B consumer, this hidden information is pivotal.

Actually, you can see the hidden information of Facebook Marketplace using your browser from your PC with no problems. The main idea is to access the mobile version Facebook marketplace to reveal hidden information. The ultimate way to do that is by changing the “www” of the URL to “m” so you can access the mobile version of the Facebook marketplace.

At this point, you’re leaving the desktop version of Facebook Marketplace. While you’re still using your desktop browser, you’re actually entering the mobile version. If you open the user in the marketplace, you can simply view the hidden information if it’s there. Yes, the ultimate information in the Facebook marketplace is the contact information.

There’s no doubt that Facebook Marketplace is a great business platform that helps small-scale businesses.  However, sneak peeking at the hidden information broadens the opportunities for both sellers and buyers to have a good deal.  

At this point, we know that you can easily see hidden information in Facebook mobile apps. Fortunately, you can use your desktop browser to access the app and view all possible hidden information. You don’t need any hacking tool to get the information.

How To See Hidden Information On Facebook Marketplace

Hidden Information you can Reveal on Facebook Marketplace

Apparently, hidden information is applied to protect the seller’s personal information. While it allows the marketplace to keep private, it could be an obstacle for potential buyers to contact sellers more flexibly. Of course, they can go directly to the messenger for obtaining information about the corresponding products or services.  Let’s find out what hidden information you can reveal in the Facebook marketplace.

Phone Number

Facebook likely hides phone numbers to prevent communication outside the marketplace platform. While it’s applied for protection reasons, it puts buyers in many hassles to directly communicate with the seller. If you can unhide the phone number, you can establish direct communication via a phone call or SMS.

Email Address

Despite the phone number, the official email address is also hidden now. At this point, you can’t contact sellers through email which also means that you’d not get a newsletter from the seller’s email address. If you can unhide the email address, you can have more flexible communications with business owners in the Facebook marketplace.

Physical Address

The Facebook marketplace can also hide the physical address of the office, stores, or the companies running their business on the platform. If you can unhide the address, you might be able to visit good suppliers or just check products in person before purchasing them.  

Website Address

There are chances that the website address is also hidden in the marketplace. Even though you search for the business website separately, it’s still important to know the website from the corresponding Facebook Marketplace page. At this point, you can confirm whether the business is officially linked to the website.

Do You Really Need to Reveal Hidden Information

As previously mentioned, some information about sellers or users is hidden because Facebook wants to protect them. Even though there’s a suggestion, users aren’t actually restricted to sharing or exchanging information. They just have to be sure with whom they’d share the information in the Facebook marketplace. Unless you don’t want to make contact with the corresponding seller, you may need to reveal the hidden information on your own.

Users can basically send a message to a seller to ask for further information you need via message. If you have any questions about the product or service, you can straightforwardly ask the seller within the platform.

Step-by-Step Procedure to View Hidden Information on Facebook Marketplace

So where to start? It could be confusing to see the information on Facebook Marketplace especially if this is your first time. If you really need to view it,  you can follow these steps :

  1. First of all, you need to go to the corresponding product page where you want to gather the information.  
  2. Right-click would  present you with a drop menu with several options
  3. You need to copy the link of the product by selecting “Copy”
  4. On your Google Chrome, locate and select the three-dot options that you usually use to access browser setting
  5. Select the New Tab from the options or you can simply tap the “+” to open the new tab instantly.
  6. Copy and URL of the corresponding product page that appears with prefix “www”
  7. Now, replace the prefix “www” with the prefix “m”
  8. Refresh your page and you’d be entering the mobile version of Facebook Marketplace
  9. By now, you should be able to view the hidden information in the marketplace

If you’re using your smartphone to access the Facebook Marketplace app, you can skip those steps and straightforwardly view all hidden information. The main idea is to access the mobile version of Facebook Marketplace via your PC browser.

Revealing Hidden Information in Facebook Marketplace with The App

As previously mentioned, you can unhide the information in Facebook Marketplace with the app. If you have a smartphone in your hand, then it would be more practical to install a Facebook app.  You can simply download and install the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

More Practical

Since most people have smartphones,  using the mobile app to reveal hidden information in Facebook Marketplace is the most practical solution.  It’s a very handy way to obtain and confirm all information you got online.

More Accessible

Facebook Marketplace itself becomes more accessible since you take your phone pretty much everywhere, right?  At this point, you can access available information anywhere and anytime. From a business perspective, this accessibility is exceptional. You can order products and services or even run your business via your phone.

Straightforward Communication

Assuming you’re looking for the contact of sellers or suppliers, a mobile app allows you to establish a more straightforward communication for sure. You can directly make a call, send a message, send an SMS, or view the map of the business location right from your phone.


The hidden information on the Facebook marketplace mainly refers to the contact information of the users or particular sellers.  By knowing this information, you’d know how to make direct communication and possibly get the best deals.
It’s actually very easy to see hidden information on Facebook. You can see the information in the mobile version of the platform. If you’re not using the app, you can simply replace “www” with “m” on the URL prefix and you’re ready to go. The easiest and most practical way is by using the Facebook app which makes that information accessible anywhere and anytime.

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