How To See Your Likes On Pinterest 2023 – [ Updated ]

How To See Your Likes On Pinterest 2023

How To See Your Likes On Pinterest 2023

No, You can’t see likes on Pinterest.

Unfortunately, Pinterestet removed likes features in 2017.

Finding Your Liked Pins on the Pinterest App

To view your liked pins on the Pinterest app, you must log in to your account and then scroll down to the ‘Saved’ section of your profile. This will be the ‘Your Pinterest Likes’ board on the app, which is completely private. You can access this board by logging in to your account and then clicking on ‘Saved’. To search for it, you can also use the search bar on the app. It’s essential to note that only you can view this board and it’s not visible to other users on the app.

Discovering Your Liked Pins on the Pinterest Website

To find your liked Pins on the Pinterest website, you’ll need to log in and click on your Profile picture icon on the top right of the screen.

From here, you can scroll down to the “Your Pinterest Likes” board, which is completely private and can only be viewed when signed in. To view this board, visit your profile and click on the ‘Saved’ tab. This will open up a list of all your liked Pins, ready for you to peruse at your leisure. You can also search for this board using the Search bar to find all your liked Pins easily. Once you’ve found a Pin you’d like to save, just click on it to add it to the ‘Loved’ section of your profile.

What Happened to the Like Feature on Pinterest?

The like button on Pinterest has been retired, with the social media platform recognizing that the Like button was a liability rather than an asset. This action was taken to make the entire process of creating boards on Pinterest easier and more streamlined. In addition, the Like button was replaced with the Save button, which resulted in a 7% increase in saved pins. The Save button is much simpler to use than the Like button and provides users with a clear reminder about the importance of making their pin public.

However, to get similar benefits to the Like button, users can create a hidden board and save the Pins they like. This secret board is an effective way to ensure that only those Pins that received a like are visible to other users, giving them more control over the visibility of their content. Besides, categorizing Pins with secret boards allows users to like Pins without having to share them with others, allowing them to like Pins without compromising their privacy or security.

What Are the Alternatives to the Like Feature?

If you are unsatisfied with the Like button on Pinterest, there are several alternatives that you can consider.

First, you can create hidden boards to store your liked pins. This is an excellent way to save and track your favorite pins without prying your fingers off of the like button.

Second, likes have been replaced with a ‘Save’ button. This is easier to use as it doesn’t require a second thought. Simply press ‘Save’ when you want to save a pin and press ‘Cancel’ only when you want to cancel the saving operation.

Similarly, like has now been replaced with a ‘Save for Later’ button. This is also easier to use as it does not require any thinking process. You just need to click the Save for Later button when you want to save a pin and click the Cancel button when you don’t want to save it anymore.

What Are the Alternatives to the Like Feature?

Overall, likes are no longer displayed publicly but saved in the board called ‘Your Pinterest Likes’. It is still available for viewing but cannot be easily accessed by other users.

Tips for increasing your Pinterest engagement in 2022

In order to increase your Pinterest engagement in 2022, it’s important to take advantage of the platform’s link-friendly nature. By creating templates for promoting your business or blog, you can increase your followers’ exposure to your content and drive more traffic to your website. Additionally, you can use the biggest social media marketing trends to stay up on the bleeding edge of digital marketing. This includes using video and image ads, as well as e-commerce ads and retargeting ads.

You can also look up successful companies on Pinterest to learn which strategies are working best for them. This will help you determine which tactics will result in the highest level of engagement for your audience. Finally, you can try out different strategies such as contests, giveaways, and collaborations to find a strategy that works best for your audience and business goals.


The likes on your board and profile have always been important when it comes to making an impact on Pinterest. However, they are not the only thing that matter. You must also take care of your engagement and the number of followers you have. If you want to see more likes on your profile and board in Pinterest, here are some hacks you can try out.

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