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how to share Facebook pixel with another business manager

How To Share Facebook Pixel With Another Business Manager?

Facebook pixel is undoubtedly a very helpful code that allows you to monitor your ad campaign and the conversion rate within the platform more effectively. However, if you’re running multiple business managers on board for your company, you might have wondered how to share Facebook pixel with another business manager so you can integrate and streamline the process. It’s also important for digital marketing managers to manage multiple clients with different business accounts. Let’s see how you can do it and benefit from Facebook pixel sharing.

Why Do You Need to Share Facebook Pixel?

Sharing Facebook Pixel could be a necessity when you’re dealing with FB ads of multiple businesses to manage. You might be a digital marketer or simply an independent business owner with multiple product lines that are optimized with Facebook ads.  Actually, it’s not a matter of “who” but it’s about “why” you actually need to share Facebook Pixel.

When working with an existing or established business that has run Facebook ads in the past, you can almost guarantee that they have the Facebook pixel installed. It’s possible that they’ve already had a successful audience before which is a good start to work on.

If you’re working on new business exposure, you may either start really from scratch with a fresh audience or take advantage of the existing audience. Starting a brand new Facebook Pixel could be full of hassles and you barely know where it would go in the future. By sharing Facebook Pixel you can integrate this business ad performance into one platform and monitor, edit, or add Pixel data in one interface.

How to share Facebook pixel with another business manager

Sharing your Facebook Pixel with another business manager could have been the most practical solution if you want to share it with other people. FB ad agencies or digital marketing companies can take advantage of this method since they’re handling multiple companies with diverse products to cover. This is also very helpful if you’re running FB ads for your multiple product lines and want to track down the performance.

Even though it’s not rocket science, first-time experience in sharing Facebook pixels could be tricky. There are multiple steps to complete before the Facebook pixel can be shared with another business manager. It’s also important to share it with the correct business managers. That’s why you better follow the proper procedure as we’ve summarized below.

  1. On Facebook Business Manager, go to the Business setting configuration page
  2. Select the “Facebook Pixel” menu that you can find under the Data Sources section and enter it.
  3. You’d be directed to the page containing a list of Facebook Pixels that you can access. At this point, you must only choose the Facebook Pixel that you really want to share with other business managers (which could be another business)
  4. You’d need to determine the partner or Facebook Business Manager you want to share Facebook Pixel with. Click “Assign Partners” and choose the partner to assign them to Facebook Pixel. Sharing means partnerships.
  5. After the partner assignment is completed, you’d see the Facebook Pixel sharing window appear on your screen. Don’t worry about getting lost, just keep up with our steps to filling them.
  6. You must have the Facebook Business ID of the partner FB Business manager. In order to share Facebook Pixel with them, you must enter or add their FB Business ID to this particular page. Ensure you’re adding the correct Business Manager so simply copy it instead of retyping it.
  7. After filling the Business ID, you can now determine the access level of the partner you’ve selected to share Facebook Pixel with. There are Standard and Admin access options that you can select for the corresponding Business Manager. Before that, it’s highly suggested to comprehend the differences between the two access options.  
  8. If you’re already sure about the access level of the business manager you want to share Facebook Pixel with, you can proceed by clicking on “Next”
  9. After the access level, you’d need to determine the relationship you’d likely have with the business partner as well as the actions or activities assigned to them.  Translate your business partnership to this page so you can determine how the Facebook Pixel sharing would be.
  10. Finally, you’d need to review and accept the Facebook Business Tool Terms to proceed with sharing requests. Once accepted, you’ve successfully shared Facebook Pixel with another Facebook Business Manager.

Admin Vs Standard Access on Facebook Pixel Sharing

Using Facebook Business Manager, you have the option of assigning people to your Facebook Pixel with one of two different levels of access: Admin and Standard. It’s very important for you to know the differences because it’s related to how far they can access the Facebook Pixel. You might want to share Facebook Pixel with multiple Facebook Business Manager accounts but you also want them to have different authorities based on the partnership you’ve agreed on.

how to share Facebook pixel with another business manager

Standard Access

The assigned person/people will only be able to view and analyze Facebook Pixel performance with Standard access. As a result, they will be able to use the Facebook Pixel to track the success of the corresponding ad campaigns. Parties who get standard access are basically users of the tracking data gathered from your Facebook Pixels. This way, Standard users are unable to change the Pixel data in any way.

Admin Access

Once you’ve granted a person/people with Admin access, they will have complete control over the Facebook Pixel in the corresponding Facebook Business Manager account. As Administrator, they would be able to add, edit, and delete Pixel data, as well as create new Pixel events. They would be able to connect the Facebook Pixel to other people as well. At this point, you must be very considerate with your decision in granting another account with Admin access.  


So, it’s pretty clear that you can share Facebook Pixel with other business managers. You only need to follow how to share Facebook pixel with another business manager properly as we’ve explained above. It streamlines the business ad tracking in Facebook and allows you to integrate multiple businesses as input. However, you’d need to be more considerate when granting people or users with Standard or Admin access.

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