Inflatable Rentals: Jumpstart Your Party with our Exclusive Selection

Inflatable Rentals

Looking for inflatable rentals in Austin, Texas? Look no further!

AustinBounceHouse. rentals and Jump Around Party Rentals offer the best selection of bounce houses and inflatable attractions for your parties and events. From water slides to bounce/slide combos, they have it all. With quality rentals and excellent customer service, you can trust these companies to provide a fun-filled experience for everyone.

Whether it’s a birthday party, school event, or corporate gathering, inflatable rentals from AustinBounceHouse. rentals and Jump Around Party Rentals will make your event a memorable one. So, why wait? Book your inflatable rentals today and get ready to jump into fun!

Why Choose Inflatable Rentals For Your Party?

Benefits of Renting Inflatables for Parties

When organizing a party, it’s important to think about how you can make it memorable and fun for all the guests. One way to achieve this is by choosing inflatable rentals for your party. There are numerous benefits to renting inflatables, which can enhance the overall experience for everyone involved.

  • Variety of options: Inflatable rentals provide a wide range of options, allowing you to choose the perfect inflatable for your party theme. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, a corporate event, or a backyard gathering, you can find the perfect inflatable to suit your needs. From bounce houses to water slides, obstacle courses to interactive games, you’ll find something for everyone.
  • Safe and secure: Inflatables are designed with safety in mind. They are made from high-quality materials and go through rigorous safety inspections to ensure they meet all industry standards. Additionally, most rental companies provide trained staff who will set up and supervise the inflatables, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all party-goers.
  • Easier setup and cleanup: Renting inflatables eliminates the need for painstaking setup and cleanup. The rental company will take care of delivering, setting up, and taking down the inflatables, saving you time and effort. All you need to do is enjoy the party!
  • Engaging entertainment: Inflatables provide endless fun and entertainment for guests of all ages. Kids can bounce, slide, and play, while adults can join in on the fun or relax and socialize. Inflatables create a dynamic and interactive atmosphere that keeps everyone engaged throughout the event.

How Inflatables Can Enhance the Party Experience

Inflatables have the power to take your party to the next level, creating an experience that attendees will remember for years to come. Here’s how inflatables can enhance the overall party experience:

  1. Wow factor: Inflatables add a wow factor to any event. Whether it’s a towering water slide, a vibrant bounce house, or an exciting obstacle course, inflatables instantly grab attention and create a sense of excitement and anticipation.
  2. Active entertainment: Inflatables provide active and physical entertainment, encouraging guests to participate and have fun. They offer a break from the traditional party activities and keep everyone active and engaged throughout the event.
  3. Opportunities for friendly competition: Many inflatables come with interactive elements that promote friendly competition. Whether it’s racing through an obstacle course, battling it out in a jousting arena, or competing on a sports-themed inflatable, guests can challenge each other and enjoy some friendly rivalry.
  4. Photo-worthy moments: Inflatables make for great photo opportunities. Guests can capture fun and memorable moments while bouncing, sliding, or conquering an obstacle. These photos can be shared on social media or used as mementos from the event.

How Inflatables Cater to Different Age Groups

One of the greatest advantages of inflatable rentals is their versatility in catering to different age groups. Whether you’re hosting a party for young children, teenagers, or adults, there’s an inflatable that can make the event enjoyable for everyone:

Age Group Recommended Inflatables
Youth (3-7 years old) Bounce houses, inflatable slides, interactive games
Teenagers (13-17 years old) Obstacle courses, interactive sports inflatables, giant slide
Adults Sumo wrestling inflatables, giant water slides, mechanical bull

By offering a range of inflatables that cater to different age groups, you can ensure that each guest has a memorable and enjoyable experience at your party.

In conclusion, inflatable rentals are a fantastic choice for any party. They offer a variety of benefits, enhance the overall party experience, and cater to different age groups. So why not take your party to new heights with inflatable rentals?

Exploring The Exclusive Selection Of Inflatable Rentals

If you’re planning a party or event and want to take the fun factor to the next level, look no further than inflatable rentals. With a wide range of options available, you’ll be able to find the perfect inflatable to suit your needs. From bounce houses to water slides and interactive games, there’s something for everyone.

Wide range of bounce house options

Bounce houses are a classic favorite at any party or event. They provide hours of fun and entertainment for kids and adults alike. At our inflatable rental service, we offer a wide range of bounce house options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something small and compact or a giant castle that will impress all your guests, we’ve got you covered.

Some of our popular bounce house rentals include:

  • Gigantic Inflatable Smarties: This colorful bounce house is perfect for little ones and is available for rent for just $10.00.
  • White Bounce House: For a clean and elegant look, our white bounce house rental is a great choice. It’s priced at $380.00.
  • Disney-themed Bounce House: Let your kids jump into their favorite Disney world with this enchanting bounce house. Rent it for $250.00.

Exciting water slide rentals

If you’re hosting a summer party or just want to cool off on a hot day, our water slide rentals are a perfect choice. We have a variety of water slides available, ranging from simple slip and slides to towering slides with pools at the bottom. Get ready for some wet and wild fun with our top-quality water slide rentals.

Check out some of our water slide options:

  1. Solo Super Slide: This water slide is perfect for older kids and adults who are looking for an adrenaline rush. Rent it for $175.00.
  2. Rainbow Castle Bouncer: Combine the fun of a bounce house with a water slide with this unique inflatable. It’s available for rent at $200.00.
  3. Rainforest Waterfall Bouncer: Bring the tropical vibes to your event with this water slide rental, priced at $175.00.

Interactive game rentals for added fun

In addition to bounce houses and water slides, we also offer interactive game rentals to keep your guests entertained. These games are perfect for both kids and adults and provide a fun and competitive element to any party. Create lasting memories with interactive game rentals from our selection.

Here are some of our popular interactive game rentals:

  • Caribbean Bounce & Slide: This inflatable game combines a bounce house with a slide and is priced at $275.00.
  • Themeable Bounce House: Customize your inflatable with this themeable bounce house rental, available for just $20.00.
  • Bounce House & Party Rentals: Our all-in-one bounce house and party rentals package is perfect for any occasion and starts at $150.00.

With our exclusive selection of inflatable rentals, you can turn any event into an unforgettable experience. From bounce houses to water slides and interactive games, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Don’t miss out on the fun – contact us today to book your inflatable rentals!

Tips For A Successful Inflatable Rental Experience

Planning a party or event? Inflatable rentals can add an element of fun and excitement for guests of all ages. To ensure a successful inflatable rental experience, there are a few key factors to consider. From choosing the right size and type of inflatable to following safety precautions and guidelines, as well as making sure the booking process and delivery arrangements go smoothly, these tips will help you make the most of your inflatable rental. Read on to learn more!

Choosing the Right Size and Type of Inflatable

When it comes to inflatable rentals, size and type matter. Consider the age range of your guests and the available space at your venue. Whether you’re hosting a small backyard party or a large corporate event, there will be an inflatable option to suit your needs. Here are a few key factors to help you make the right choice:

  • Age Range: Ensure the inflatable is appropriate for the age group of your guests. Some inflatables are specifically designed for young children, while others cater to older kids and even adults.
  • Space: Measure the available space at your venue to ensure the inflatable can be set up safely. Take into account any obstacles like trees, fences, or power lines.
  • Theme: Consider the theme of your event and choose an inflatable that matches. From colorful bounce houses to thrilling water slides, there’s an inflatable rental for every theme.

Safety Precautions and Guidelines

When it comes to inflatable rentals, safety should always be a top priority. Follow these precautions and guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all:

  1. Supervision: Always have adult supervision present when the inflatable is in use, especially for younger children.
  2. Weight Limit: Adhere to the weight limit specified by the rental company. Overloading the inflatable can lead to accidents and damages.
  3. Proper Usage: Follow all guidelines provided by the rental company for proper usage of the inflatable. This includes instructions on maximum occupancy, jumping rules, and slide usage.
  4. Secure Anchoring: Ensure the inflatable is securely anchored to the ground to prevent it from tipping over or moving during use. If set up on concrete or asphalt, utilize sandbags or heavy-duty stakes.
  5. Weather Conditions: Inflatables should not be used in inclement weather conditions, such as high winds or rain. Always monitor the weather forecast and reschedule if necessary.

Booking Process and Delivery Arrangements

Booking the inflatable rental and arranging delivery is the final step to ensuring a successful experience. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Book in Advance: Inflatable rentals are popular, especially during peak seasons, so be sure to book in advance to secure your desired inflatable and delivery time.
  2. Delivery and Set-Up: Confirm with the rental company the delivery date, time, and location. Provide clear instructions on where the inflatable should be set up.
  3. Payment and Deposits: Discuss payment options and any required deposits with the rental company. Be prepared to provide a deposit to reserve your rental.
  4. Rental Duration: Confirm the duration of the rental period with the rental company. This will help you plan your event timeline accordingly.
  5. Contract and Insurance: Read and understand the rental contract and ensure you have appropriate liability insurance coverage for the duration of the rental.

By following these tips for a successful inflatable rental experience, you can create a memorable and enjoyable event for all attendees. Remember, safety is paramount, so always prioritize the well-being of your guests. Now, go ahead and start planning your next inflatable adventure!

Inflatable Rentals: Jumpstart Your Party with our Exclusive Selection


Frequently Asked Questions For Inflatable Rentals

How Much Does It Cost To Rent An Inflatable?

Renting an inflatable varies in price depending on the size and type. Prices typically range from $100 to $500 per day.

Can I Rent An Inflatable For A Backyard Party?

Absolutely! Inflatables are perfect for backyard parties. They come in various sizes to accommodate any space.

Are Inflatables Safe For Children To Play On?

Yes, inflatables are designed with safety in mind. They are made from durable materials and have safety features such as netting and anchor points.

What Types Of Inflatables Are Available For Rent?

There is a wide variety of inflatables available for rent, including bounce houses, water slides, obstacle courses, and interactive games.

How Long Can I Rent An Inflatable For?

The rental period for inflatables usually ranges from 4-8 hours. However, longer rental periods can be arranged with the rental company.

Do I Need To Provide Power For The Inflatable?

Yes, inflatables require electricity to keep them inflated. Most rental companies provide generators if power sources are not available.

Can Adults Use The Inflatables Too?

Inflatables are not just for kids! Many inflatables are designed to accommodate both children and adults, allowing everyone to have fun.

Do I Need To Supervise The Kids While They Are Playing On The Inflatables?

It is recommended to have adult supervision while kids are playing on inflatables to ensure their safety and prevent any accidents.

How Far In Advance Should I Book An Inflatable Rental?

It is best to book your inflatable rental as early as possible to secure availability, especially during peak seasons and weekends.

What Is The Cancellation Policy For Inflatable Rentals?

Each rental company has its own cancellation policy. Make sure to check with the rental company you choose for their specific policy.


Inflatable rentals are the perfect addition to any event, providing hours of entertainment and excitement for both kids and adults alike. Whether it’s a birthday party, family gathering, or corporate event, these rentals bring a level of fun that is hard to match.

With a wide variety of options available, from bounce houses to water slides, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Not only do inflatable rentals provide endless fun, but they also offer a safe and controlled environment for children to play.

With their soft and bouncy surfaces, these rentals minimize the risk of injury, giving parents peace of mind. Additionally, inflatable rentals are easy to set up and take down, making them a convenient choice for any event. If you’re in the Austin area, there are several reputable rental companies to choose from.

Austin Bounce House Rentals and Jump Around Party Rentals are two popular options that offer a wide selection of high-quality inflatables. With their affordable prices and excellent customer service, these companies make it easy to add an inflatable rental to your next event.

So, why wait? Take your event to the next level with an inflatable rental. With their endless fun, safety features, and convenience, they are sure to be a hit with both kids and adults. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create lasting memories and a truly unforgettable event.

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