Tinder Platinum Reddit

Tinder platinum Reddit

Tinder Platinum Reddit: The Best Tips For Boosting Your Match Rate

The internet is the ultimate dating app. If you aren’t on it, you’re missing out. The app has almost every user in the world at the tip of a user’s finger. 

It’s easy to find new matches, like-minded people, and real-life relationships with the right swipes and right chats. It doesn’t matter if you swipe right or left—you get amazing results. And one of the ways of getting amazing results is through Tinder platinum Reddit. Read to find the best tips and tricks of Tinder Platinum Reddit that will help you boost your match rate without compromising privacy.

Tinder platinum Reddit

What is Tinder Platinum?

-Tinder Platinum is a subscription-based service for the dating app, tinder. It adds features such as message before matching, prioritized likes, and the ability to see the likes you’ve sent in the last week.

-Tinder Platinum may have reduced the effectiveness of Tinder Gold, with users noticing a drop in matches after August when Tinder made changes to platinum.

-People will not be able to see if somebody has Tinder Platinum on the app. As of now, the only way to tell someone has a platinum subscription is by looking at their profile or if they mention it in a conversation.

-It is not recommended to purchase Tinder Platinum because it has no real impact on the user’s experience of Tinder.

How does Tinder Platinum work?

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– Users of the Tinder platinum app can expect the same experience as the regular edition of the app, except with additional features like ‘Superbikes’ and ‘boosts.’

– A user may experience a ‘Noob Boost’ when they first subscribe to the platinum edition of the app. This comes with more matches and priority in the matching process which can lead to a higher chance of reaching their desired outcome. However, the effectiveness of the platinum edition of the app may decrease over time, so users must be careful not to unsubscribe or subscribe at random.

– Also, subscribing and unsubscribing may help reset the platinum edition’s effectiveness to its original level.

How to use Tinder platinum

– When it comes to using the Tinder platinum version of the app, the main thing is to have a solid grasp of the features of the premium version and play around with the settings and options to find the one that best suits you.

– The free version of the app offers limited functionality, while the platinum version gives users access to all of the features of the app at no charge. This includes the ability to view user profiles publicly or privately, as well as access to more potential matches than the free version of the app can offer.

– It is important to note that staying logged in with the platinum version of the app can increase your match rate by 2-3 times compared to using the free version of the app. When using platinum, it’s important to unsubscribe and re-subscribe often, as this can help boost your match rate even further.

– Additionally, crafting a strong Instagram profile can aid in boosting your match rate with platinum. By having attractive pictures and a profile that does not allude to hookups, it should be easier for other users to be intrigued by your profile and swipe right on you.

– Lastly, spending money on platinum is the best way to pay to win on Tinder. By investing money into Tinder gold or Tinder Silver, you can get more immediate benefits such as access to special offers or additional swipes per day. This will likely result in higher match rates.

Things to keep in mind while using Tinder platinum

– The benefits of the platinum subscription to the popular dating app, Tinder, are not too different from the basic subscription of the app.

– However, the call-to-action features of the platinum subscription of the app make the user experience more enjoyable and engaging.

– Mostly, the user of the platinum subscription gets priority on likes, sees the likes you’ve sent in a week, and messages before matching. This call-to-action is helpful for those who want to boost their match rate on the app.

– Moreover, by prioritizing these three features of the platinum subscription, the user can get a great boost in the number of matches on the app within a week of starting the call-to-action.

– This call-to-action may only last up to 10 days at a time before tiring out. The user of platinum must be careful with its usage to get maximum benefits.


How to boost your match rate on Tinder using platinum tips

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-Use the “unsubscribe, wait one month, re-subscribe” method to boost your match rate on Tinder Platinum. This hack worked for the source and could be beneficial for you as well.

-Get the Tinder platinum subscription to the app for a 2-3x boost in match rate. It is not much more expensive compared to the other options of the app.

-With the new changes to Tinder Plus and gold and Platinum of the app, the free super likes and boosts are no longer included. So you should switch over to gold or platinum at the earliest if you want to increase your chances of getting a reply from bae.

Is Tinder platinum safe?

– If you’re looking to boost your match rate, the best option is to purchase the Tinder platinum subscription. The extra features of the premium plan can help you reach your target audience and increase your chances of getting a swipe right.

– Some users have experienced better results with the platinum subscription as opposed to the Plus or the Gold plans. This is because the platinum subscription offers swipes of 2-4 for the same price as one swipe of the other plans.

– However, it’s important to be aware of the risks associated with the platinum subscription before purchasing it. There are additional fees associated with using the premium plan, and these can lead to disappointment if they aren’t accounted for in the budget.

Things to avoid while using Tinder Platinum Reddit

– Avoid using the same profile and photos for a longer period- this will help you stand out and attract more attention on the platform- be creative with your captions- write something unique- the more content the better- use emojis- make it personal- stay consistent- use the right hashtags- be active- don t message too many people at once- pay attention to the number of Superlikes you have- the more the merrier- cancel your current subscription at the right time- don t pay for anything during the trial period- don t unsubscribe or wait 1 month without paying for anything.

The above tips can help you boost your match rate on Tinder Platinum Reddit.

How long will it take to get results from using Tinder platinum Reddit?

– According to the user in the report above, after purchasing the platinum subscription to Tinder, they received 11 matches and 9 unchecked likes in the first 3 days of using the premium service. In the same period, the user also had around 50 matches. The user mentioned that they were able to boost their match rate by at least 10% after purchasing the platinum subscription to the app.

– Some users have reported an improved like rate of up to 15-20% with a platinum subscription of the app. This can be achieved by scheduling content at the right times and engaging with the audience via content and comments on the content.

– Another user in the report above reported that after purchasing a platinum subscription to Tinder, they did not experience any change in their match rate or like rate. The user mentioned that this could be a result of high-quality content and targeted messaging through a platinum subscription to the app.

– However, it would depend on the user’s interest and efforts, so results may vary from person to person.

Things to keep in mind while using Tinder Platinum Reddit

-Increased match rates may be the result of subscribing to the platinum tier of the platform. The platform offers various features and benefits at different subscription tiers.

– Boosts are one of the benefits of the platinum tier. They ensure that the user matches with the other user at a faster rate. However, these boosts may cost more than expected.

– Subscribing to the platinum tier can help the user predict the likelihood of receiving a match at a given time of the day. Since the user gets to know more about the other user through this feature, it can improve their chances of matching with that user.

– One must be aware that unsubscribing and resubscribing may not give any positive results in terms of improving the match rate.

– Long-time Tinder users have been exposed to certain mental notions regarding the platform and its benefits. These notions make the user confident of improving their match rate on the platinum tier of the platform.

– Instead of relying on just one tool, a user must consider all possible options before making a final call regarding their content marketing strategy


If you’re looking to boost your Tinder match rate, the platinum-level user tips we discussed above can help you. Besides using the app correctly and efficiently, the other major tip is making the right first impression. By approaching others first, showing interest in their life, and engaging with the content they post, you boost your chances of getting matches.

And by becoming more comfortable with the app, you make the most of it. Of course, other things can help like matching with people at the same place at the same time and using a good username and profile image. But these platinum-level user tips have helped countless users find success on the app. So if you want to boost your matches as well, use them wisely!

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