Why Is My Google Review Not Showing Publicly

Why Is My Google Review Not Showing Publicly

Why Is My Google Review Not Showing Publicly?

You might have wondered Why Is My Google Review Not Showing Publicly? And desperately get the answer. However, there are numerous reasons why your Google review can’t be seen in public despite your business account is still existing and active.  Fortunately, some cases have logical explanations and you can prevent the same from happening again in the future. Check out This Page.

Reasons Why Is My Google Review Not Showing Publicly?

On the other hand, knowing the reasons help you manage business exposure in the search engine. So, if your Google review is not showing publicly, it could have been because of one or more of the reasons below

Duplicate Business Listing

There’s a possibility that you have a duplicate business listed on Google that makes you lose reviews in two ways. First, customers may leave reviews on the copied business listing so you practically don’t get any reviews you deserve after they visit your business. Second, Google may remove the reviews listing and relocate them to the alternate one. Check if your business has an alternate listing on Google Maps and report it to Google if you actually find one.

Disabled Google Reviews

There are also chances that Google temporarily disables review functionality due to problems in their headquarters or particular circumstances where they can’t manage the loads. Review functionality in Google is also subject to maintenance and control. So, it’s probably a temporary issue when reviews of your listing are not shown publicly. However,  if the problems persist for a longer time, you can file a report to Google.

Not Updated Location

Location-based businesses which are strongly localized may likely have review issues when they change the actual location. The reviews might be automatically transferred to your new business location that Google might also consider as an entirely new business listing on the Map. At this point, you need to report to Google about your new business location and the details. If they can verify your request, the existing and ongoing reviews would likely be transferred to your business listing based on the new location.

Unverified Status

It should be noted that customers or Google users won’t be able to see the reviews if your listing is unverified. Even if your business has been verified but it appears inactively, you might lose the badge and become unverified so you know why the reviews are not showing publicly. However, you must be informed of the status change in advance but it would turn into reality if you ignore it. Fortunately, you can actually restore verification of your listing by officially requesting it to Google. Check your status because it could be the cause of your reviews not showing up casually.

Formatted Reviews

Yes, your business listing reviews could be formatted due to a possible Google outage. When it happens, your reviews would start disappearing or simply not showing at all. If it’s the temporary and/or on-purpose condition, the reviews would be restored and show up again. However, the outage can cause formatting which actually wipes some or even all of the reviews on your listing. In this case, there’s nothing you can do as Google itself couldn’t bring back the reviews to you. Inform your clients or customers about this issue. Click here.

Spam Reviews Detected

Reviews that violate Google review policy would likely be removed or halted, for example, because it’s spam or inappropriate content. They want to ensure the authenticity of the reviews based on real user experiences. However, it would not be the case if you can’t see the reviews at all or if they’re completely gone. The same thing goes to reviews that appear fabricated or faked whether it’s for the sake of the business or competitor. The good news is that you can actually make spam reviews removed by flagging them as inappropriate.

Linked Reviews

Reviews with links or URLs are typically subject to removal by Google as it’s probably one of the spam factors but the measurement is pretty clear. If you provide reviews with links or URLs, your reviews would likely be removed. However, you can basically remove the links or URL from the review and repost it with no problem as long as it’s available.  If you’re a business owner, you better educate your customers or clients to not use links and/or URLs when leaving feedback on your listing in Google

Authenticity-Questioned Reviews

There are cases where business owners or through their digital marketers pour bought reviews on their listing on Google in order to improve their online exposure and reputation. Google would likely remove the corresponding reviews for violating their guidelines. In the worst scenarios, they might remove all of your listings.

Buying fake reviews could be disadvantageous for businesses, especially if you’re pursuing Google exposure. Reviews must be real and authentic so you’d need to educate and encourage your customers to give feedback or user experiences over your business.  Organic reviews are the best ones because they can make your business more reputable and visible.  User experience improvements would be on the way as well.

Not Integrated Reviews

There were times when your business reviews in third parties were imported to your Google Business local listings and displayed there. However, you can no longer expect this exposure anymore because Google has stopped importing reviews from third-party sites. At this point, reviews you’ve received in Yelp, Trustpilot, Tripadvisor, or other business review sites wouldn’t be showing anymore in your listing. Even so, they’re still appearing in the search results but it won’t be directly affecting or improving the presence of your business on Google anymore.

Fortunately, there are chances where Google would show reviews from credible parties but they’re curated in the reviews around the web that appear below your listing reviews on Google.  However, the display of these reviews are not only second-class but they might also be inaccurate for some reasons. The point is that you may not expect reviews in third-party review sites to show publicly on Google listings

Reviews Are Set to Private or Deleted

Last but not least, the reason Why Is My Google Review Not Showing Publicly? could have been the fact that the corresponding review is set to private or simply deleted. The public won’t be able to view private reviews or deleted reviews. How can you see something that’s no longer available? If your customers make their reviews private or even delete them, they won’t show up publicly. Again, this would be beyond your control but you can always encourage them or other customers to leave their feedback.

How To Resolve Google Review Not Showing Up Publicly

As we’ve seen above, there are multiple reasons why this particular issue occurs on your listings. Most of them because the review itself is proven, detected, or considered as violating their policy while the rest could be technical issues or simply a failure. Fortunately, there are still chances you can restore reviews. If you’re sure that the reviews are not violating the rule, you can follow our solution below.

  • Gather as much evidence as you can to prove that your new reviews aren’t appearing. Reviews that are not displayed on your profile can be included in this category.
  • If you’ve recently restored your Google Business Profile, you’ll need to get in touch with customer service and request review transfers using your case ID  number and reinstatement details.
  • To get help with missing reviews on a Google Business Profile that has not recently been halted, you need to reach Google Support for further recovery requests.
  • It’s always helpful to post your unsolved review-missing cases on the Google Business Profile Community if you’re not satisfied with the assistance you received from Google.

 It’s quite unfortunate that we don’t have control of the result when requesting for review recovery. When it comes to technical issues, all we can do is just wait for them to be fixed.

Move On and Get More Reviews for Your Listing

It’s not uncommon for Google reviews to go missing. This is a common problem for many businesses. However, there are still solutions to the problem of missing Google reviews if they’re not violating the policy. You can simply take those steps to fix the issues but there are also chances that the problems persist and remain unsolved. Except if the entire reviews are blocked, then it’s time to move one and get more reviews instead.

Losing some Google reviews isn’t the end of the day or your business. If all of the efforts to bring back particular reviews don’t work, don’t get stuck at that point. Educate and encourage more customers or clients to leave their feedback. You would probably get more diverse reviews on your listing as time goes by.  Improve your service and communication with your customers to lift up overall user experiences. The main idea is to gather as many good reviews as you can from your customers.

More Faq’s You Should Know.

Why my google maps reviews not showing up?

There could be a few reasons why your google maps reviews are not showing up.

First, you may need to adjust your privacy settings on Google Maps. Go to Settings > Maps and security > Reviews. Under “Who can see my reviews?”, make sure “Everyone” is selected. 

Finally, if you’ve deleted or removed any reviews from your map, then they will not show up until you add them again.

Why is my review not showing on google?

There are a few reasons why your review might not be showing up on Google.

  • First, it could be that the review is not compliant with Google’s guidelines.
  • Second, the review might have been removed by the reviewer or by the business being reviewed.
  • Third, the review might have been flagged as spam by Google.
Why Is My Google Review Not Showing Publicly

Why are google reviews not showing up?

There are a few reasons why google reviews might not be showing up.

  • First, you might have been banned from Google for a reason. If you have done something wrong on Google, your account may have been suspended or deleted.
  • Second, if you have any kind of spammy or deceptive content on your website, then Google may remove the reviews as part of their review quality guidelines

Why are my google reviews not showing up?

  • One reason is that you might have violated Google’s review policy. For example, if you are using paid advertising to generate reviews, that could violate the policy.
  • Second, if you have been suspended from Google for a policy violation, your reviews might not show up because they are related to that policy violation

Why isn t my review showing up on google?

There are a few reasons why your review may not be showing up on google.

  • First, make sure that you have written a good review and that it is relevant to the product or service that you are reviewing. Google looks for reviews that are helpful and informative, not promotional.
  • Second, check to see if your review has been flagged as spam by Google. This can happen if you have been using multiple accounts to write reviews or if you have been posting duplicate reviews. If your review has been flagged as spam, it will not show up in search results.


When your Google reviews are not showing publicly, there are probably several reasons for that. The most common cause is that the reviews are considered to be violating the Google policy. You can file a report to recover reviews if you have a strong stance. The only solution to reviews that have been permanently reviewed is by getting more reviews.

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