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When you will start after order?

We’ll start working on your order instantly right after you’ve placed the order and completed the checkout. Whether it’s for followers, reviews or accounts you’ve purchased, we’ll proceed them all right away. We take a little time to ensure all the qualities of our services including the humanized and non-dropped properties.

We offer super express delivery for our services and we only deliver the best quality. Within an instant period, you’ll get the accounts with a 100% complete profile including the name, bio, and profile picture. When it comes to followers, we’ll ensure authenticity and keep them bulletproof. This super express delivery is applied to our Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, all reviews services, and social accounts.

Instant start is available for all of our social media services for all listed platforms. However, be sure to complete your order form and the checkout so we can proceed it instantly. You’ll soon see we pour followers to your social media accounts and more reviews show up in your notification.

Do you give replace guarantee?

Yes, of course, we provide only the best quality social media services and we provide a customer satisfaction guarantee. So, if we deliver any low-quality reviews, accounts, or followers, we’ll replace them. We actually maintain our accuracy and speed when delivering our services. However, whenever you find something wrong, our 24-hour customer support will help you. And, when they need replacements following the condition in Terms of Services, we’ll do it.

The replacements would also depend on what services you’ve purchased. We can replace any delivery whenever we failed to provide services with the qualities we’ve declared. However, we can’t replace a delivery with another type of service. For example, we can’t replace troubled Google reviews with Facebook followers. We can only replace particular services with the same ones to complete the agreed order.  Please read our Terms Of Services.

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