Terms of Service


Thank you for considering and purchasing social media services from thesmmexpert.com for your business. TheSMMExpert.Com is the provider and the reader is the client/user. These terms of service are subject to the provider’s current service and policies which may change at any time in the future. The provider will update all changes to these terms of services on the same page. However, it’s the client’s obligation to keep following any updates on the agreements.

Copyright and The Use of Website

TheSMMExpert.Com has all the rights on the logos, designs, interface, and other properties in the site. Anyone who seeks to use any properties from TheSMMExpert.Com should get the provider’s permission in advance. State law protects TheSMMExpert.Com. Third parties can’t use any of these site’s properties without permission. Whenever granted, email or digital notification would be provided.

Age Limits

TheSMMExpert.Com only allows users or clients with 18 years of age and above. This includes the use of the site and purchasing the services. Parental or legal supervision is mandatory if users between 13 – 18 years old want to use this site or purchase services. Agreement on Terms of Service isn’t an exception at anyways.

Liability Limitation

Clients and users agree to hold TheSMMExpert.Com or persons related/associated with, for any claim to any violation of this Terms of Services. Clients and users also agree to not holding TheSMMExpert.Com and/or persons related/associated with TheSMMExpert.Com for being responsible for any damages or loses that might occur while using TheSMMExpert.Com site.


Clients or users agree to use both TheSMMExpert.Com’s sites and services responsibly. They should use the site and services only for what’s provided for and agreed on. Clients and/or users should have no attempts to breach, hack or change any aspects, security or any properties of this site.


You as a user and a client should agree and understand that you pay us as the provider for social media services. Whether it’s for reviews and followers, we deliver them for third party social media platforms listed on the main page of this site. TheSMMExpert.Com is where you place an order and we’ll deliver the services to your social media accounts.

Confidential Information

TheSMMExpert.Com will use all information including instructions, requirements, and preferences to process your order. We as the provider will also use them to send you information, promos, discount codes or any offers from sites relevant to the information. TheSMMExpert.Com won’t use any of this confidential information for any purposes except for the order and what’s mentioned in this Terms of Service.

Refund Policy

TheSMMExpert.Com provides a money-back guarantee. We already have a specific page for this Refund Policy.


Clients or users are responsible for any risks exposed to their social media accounts after followers, reviews, or other service delivery. These include any problems with your current accounts, bans, damages or any media contents loses. You are at your own discretion when ordering and using the services we’ve provided.

Updates and Revisions