Refund Policy

As a part of the customer satisfaction guarantee, we offer a full refund if we failed to deliver the services. You’ll get your money fully for the actual price you’ve paid for the social media services. However, if you’re our International customer, we can’t guarantee the exact nominal due to the fluctuating exchange rate and additional admission/administration fee.

Claiming the refund should follow the conditions mentioned in Terms Of Services. You can contact our 24-hour customer support for the complete claim procedure. You should ensure that you strictly follow the procedure. Whenever the claim doesn’t meet the Terms of Service and/or as you failed to complete the procedure, we can’t grant a refund. The claiming process may take some time due to the administration process and the bank’s operational hours. International claims may take a longer time to complete but there is nothing to worry about.

The SMM Experts aim to provide the best quality social media services. However, if you want to acknowledge the benchmark, we provide free trials. We offer diverse social media services, be sure to grab the ones which suit your need well. So, we encourage you to purchase the service which fits your current needs. Take the free trials and experience our services and feel free to ask any inquiries to our customer support. Then, you can conveniently purchase the services you need for your social media accounts.