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Buy Old Facebook Accounts

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Buy Old Facebook Accounts

You might wonder why we are talking about purchasing Facebook accounts. It is free for everyone like you all know. Simple signup and you are good to go. Do you know that you can buy Facebook accounts? It is possible and it can help you in ways you have never imagined.

If you are into business, then purchasing an aged account can be a game-changer. Facebook has gained acceptance from people around the world and the demand is peaking every day. For marketing purposes, Facebook is now the desired medium.

Your account or page can have very few followers and friends, making it difficult for you to generate interaction with clients. This is where old Facebook accounts can help you. If you opt to purchase an old verified account, you will get an instant boost of followers and have improved business credibility.

Purchase Facebook accountsPurchasing FB Accounts Look Dicey

To be frank, buying a Facebook account will go against the terms of Facebook. So it does seem a bit dubious to go for someone else’s account. It is wise to start fresh with your account and make gradual developments in client interactions.

The problem is orthodox public accounts tend to have very few friends and followers and thus, it can take you months or years to start gaining credentials. There are secured old accounts for sale, but the thing is you don’t know their history and it can be terminated anytime by the authorities. After buying an aged account, there is always a risk, but the perks are mammoth in amplifying a business.

Why Should You Buy Aged Facebook Accounts?

There are many benefits of having an aged account to promote your work. The first thing that comes to mind is that accounts running for years and years have some kind of ascendency over social media.

Profiles that have numerous friends are the best picks. Why? Because the more people on your account, the greater impact it has on your overall productivity. Getting confused? Wait, let us clear it further.

Suppose you have a personal profile with 100 friends and you decide to post a photo or status. There will be some interactions, right? Imagine having 500 or 1000+ friends. Guess you got the point already. More followers and friends will generate abundant reactions. In simpler words, increased traffic, grandiose advertisement, better revenue. Buy Gmail Accounts

You get to interact with millions of people using an old Facebook account. If you purchase a profile with a mammoth friend list and start advocating your products. You can easily get noticed by mass people at a speedy rate. This will enhance your brand value but the account should have a profile picture previously.

Increase your sales by targeting a community. Facebook marketing can reach greater heights with community features. Old accounts are easy to navigate in such aspects.

Boosting and promoting product-related posts or informative posts will not require excessive money. In general, you spend money to circulate the post better demographically and psychographically. With an old account, you already have a massive fan base. Therefore, your money spent on promotional activities will be limited.

Be steps aged of your potential competitors. Did you notice that most brands have their Facebook page with hundreds, millions of followers? You can go head to head with them if you start doing business with a verified aged account.

buy Facebook accounts for advertising

Benefits of Buy Old Facebook accounts

You know numerous advantages of social media accounts but purchasing an aged Facebook account has some extra features that you won’t get with a newly created account.

1. Account Flexibility and Usage

Buying old Facebook accounts at social site providers may make them user-friendly in addition to or less. And it affects a lot if you’re buying old accounts with verified Facebook ads accounts. You should be able to use it to request more people on Facebook and advertise the available services to them. It is better for you if you can use these services cheaply and easily. So you can fully exploit it for your company.

2. Location Specified

Location specified FB account are always safer to use for targeting specific areas of people or customers. You know Facebook tracked IP’s so you never regret it. You can easily do massive promotions if your account has location-based friends and followers.

3. Drive traffic to your Facebook pages with these Fb Accounts

Facebook is a great advertising medium for social media marketing. It does have the potential to drive sales. You can link to the relevant landing pages and build a quality social backlink from here.

After someone becomes engaged and understands information in Marketing Messages, they see the link on the page or title. These audiences would click on this LINK and redirect to your company website or landing page you desire. Facebook traffic is targeted for you from that point on out. It can be used to promote customers or sales of your service.

4. Aged Facebook accounts with friends

Sellers nowadays have their pockets full, and they offer all kinds of Facebook accounts to buyers. They are starting from a fresh profile, which we don’t count as a feasible option. On the contrary, some FB accounts are active for 2-12 years and such. Manually created with suitable IPs and such.Buy Facebook accounts with 5000 friends

Most old accounts can be used in any place, worldwide. Most online sellers will offer you options of selecting friend limits, such as 100 friends, 300, 500, 1000+ and some service providers can provide you with 3k plus and even 5k interactions. The more friends you have the better chances of successful promotion.

Remember that these FB accounts are not your own and there are few risks behind purchasing accounts. So before you draw your expenses, be sure about the advantages and disadvantages. Verified aged facebook accounts are less likely to be taken down. It’s Facebook we are dealing with and you never know what can happen. Always be cautious. So we also ask you to select sellers who offer guarantees and legit customer service.

5. PVA Facebook Account (Phone Verified Accounts)

When you open an account, have you not noticed that Facebook asks for verification? They have to make sure the users are legitimate. Verification helps to curb down fake users and improves organic engagement.

Take, for example, your personal profile, which needs to be verified to start working functionally. A purchased account has to be certified as well. To make sure it has some sort of authenticity to it. People sell all kinds of FB accounts, they might even end up selling you unverified accounts as a scam. Don’t ever go for the easy route. Your account is likely to be ceased by Facebook officials if they suspect any activity.

buy pva facebook accounts

It is best to select phone verified Facebook accounts for safe usage. It ensures that the account was verified by an actual phone number, thus fewer chances of ending up with bots. PVA Facebook accounts are the safest. Facebook sends a code to the user’s phone and they prove their credentials by securing the code. PVA accounts are to fight bots and Facebook is strict about it.

We encourage you to buy only PVA accounts from the sellers. Otherwise, you might end up losing the account in the future. Even if you purchase bulk quantity accounts, there is no alternative to phone verified aged accounts. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

6. Email Verified Accounts

Never play a prank on a Facebook account crafted by a bot. They must all have valid email accounts. These registered accounts are generally more expensive and secure than generic ones. And this is why every account should be verified by a valid email account.

how to get old Facebook accounts

How can you buy Facebook accounts?

This is the most complicated procedure, to be honest. Many different organizations are offering Facebook accounts for sale. Some websites look good and reliable and some seem straight-up shady. You must be cautious while buying a Facebook account. As it goes against the terms and conditions of Facebook, your purchased account could be in danger.

We recommend you comply with a reliable organization. You can do this by asking a trustworthy friend who has used aged FB accounts from other companies. Surveying the internet is another way to find ideal options. Although many websites offer accounts, you should not trust their claim right away.

It’s best to contact the website and seek guarantees before you splash your money. Online websites will offer you many variants of Facebook accounts, like new accounts, accounts with friends and followers. For fresh accounts, we suggest you build it up yourself from scratch. If you need to prioritize your business, then seek the aged accounts with friends.

Make sure you go for premium facebook accounts with unique IPs. FB Account that is safe and real and has a money-back guarantee in case of mishaps. Remember, you must buy accounts that are manually created. For workability, Facebook profiles should be email or phone verified (PVA). Verified accounts are trustworthy and will not be taken down from the authorities.

Go to the websites you will find on google by searching “Purchase Facebook accounts,” then survey the sites and pick your favorite package. There should be many variations of accounts. If it suits your budget, apply for checkout and there should be a dashboard with account delivery options.

That being said, no matter where you purchase from, make sure they offer a money-back guarantee and customer support at all times. It’s for your safety.

Best place to Buy Facebook Accounts

Old Facebook Accounts for Sale

People are getting the scoop about using Facebook for their benefit. Many are deciding to do a business out of selling accounts. On online sites, some vendors sell older accounts aged about 5-10 years and even more. There are lots of perks of having accounts that have been functional for many years. We have talked about it already. Older accounts usually have a huge friend list (realistic population), instant startup, email, and phone verified security, safe IP, male-female versions, and much more.

There are bulk buy options that help you to acquire more than one account. If you want to spread your business to the extreme, you can opt for multiple Facebook accounts and use them to share your work in different communities to generate sales.

Aged accounts are for those who want to boost their Facebook marketing in a flash. There is a saying, ‘You gotta risk it to get the biscuit.’

buy aged Facebook accountsOnline Shopping Process of Purchase Facebook accounts

Purchasing old Facebook accounts can make you feel at sea. It’s not something you do face to face or cash on delivery.

Online sellers will have many different payment checkout options. From the credit-debit card, bank transfer, cryptocurrency, e-wallet, gift cards, etc. You can seal the deal with whatever method you prefer.

We’re TheSmmExpert is a highly-rated digital merchant where you can purchase old-aged Facebook accounts and get your business promotion by Facebook ads. It offers numerous items to look over easily. A large percentage of AccFarm customers can sign up using the free account with their preferred services.

The price range does fluctuate from packages. You can secure 5 PVA for 5 dollars on average, 20 accounts within 40-50 dollars and 50 profiles for $100 or so. You can start with just a few dollars and even splash thousands on buying aged accounts. This price list is just an example of the expenses you may have to bear.

You really don’t want to miss those big advantages that getting a Facebook account offers for business owners like you. Get bulk Facebook Accounts today to get your business to the top and make money as quickly as possible.

Legality and Security

Legal and security are the next considerations. Facebook and the Web have different providers with different types of accounts. You can avoid potential problems that could exist that will cause you to disrupt your business.

Facebook users must avoid black hat methods as it can ban and delete their accounts without warning. You may lose investment if you fail to provide these safety facts. Review and background checks will spare your day. Checking background checks saves you days. You will be required to ensure the use of legitimate techniques.

buy Facebook accounts

FAQs About Buying Older Facebook Accounts

Can a Facebook account be sold?

According to Facebook terms and conditions, Facebook accounts are not for sale. If the authorities are suspicious, they can block or disable your activity. Still, we see many sellers all over the internet. They do it for the sake of earning. But there is a catch, even if it goes against the rules, verified aged accounts can be very secure and are best for marketing purposes.

Can you buy fake Facebook accounts?

Yes, it is possible to buy fake accounts, if you end up with a scammer, they can sell you fake profiles such as Softreg (Auto reg accounts) accounts. There are numerous aged account marketplace selling shady fake profiles and people are even buying them. If you desperately need to use aged accounts for your business. We encourage you to go for authentic accounts that were used by real people and have authentic verification.

From where to get the best-aged Facebook accounts?

There are countless websites and groups of social media platforms selling aged Facebook accounts. The problem with surfing randomly is that you might end up dealing with a scammer. They can hand over inactive and disreputable accounts to you. The good news is that there are few authentic marketplaces (like-TheSmmExpert) for old accounts.

Types of Old Facebook accounts for sale

Facebook users can make up their own Facebook profiles in two types one is “regular account” and “PVA account.” If you want to get more accounts on Facebook, then you must know these kinds of accounts.

Do I need proxies?

Not strictly, you can log in from your IP in any country but keep in mind that all account login from IP will be tied to some way Facebook will flag a particular account.

Some countries like Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Italy, China, Nigeria, Russia, and Nigeria have very poor trust levels with Facebook, so you could use a proxy if something went wrong. Avoid cheap UK and US proxies since they’ve been used vastly for Facebook abuse, so avoid cheap proxies.

Final thoughts

An ideal way to start your business promotion is to use your profile. Yes, it does take time to reach more traffic and you will have to bear the expenses of boosting the posts too often. If you want to accelerate your promotional activities, you can opt for external aged accounts. This can help you boost your business faster than any regular profile.

Old accounts are a feasible option because they come with a stacked friend list and have credibility amongst the Facebook community. Boosting your business has never been easier. You have to keep in mind a potential scam.

This is why we recommend you to buy old Facebook accounts from reputable service holders like Smmexpert.com for a definitive outcome.

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